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kings_graphics's Journal

Kings Graphics
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Community Rules

1. Please follow the rules, if any, an icon maker posts with her/his entry. Otherwise, comments are love and credit is polite.

2. You may post icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, mood themes, artwork and any other graphics related to Kings, any of its characters and the actors who portray them.

3. When posting, please use an lj-cut or a fake cut to your journal. Plus put no more than 3 teasers outside of the cut. Headers, banners, and wallpapers should always go under a cut.

4. Do not link to friends locked posts.

5. Please keep graphics that contain spoilers under a cut with a proper warning.

6. Screencaps are welcome. Please post small numbers of caps under a cut. We ask that you share large numbers of caps through links to a gallery, file sharing service, or your own lj.

7. Please tag your entries. All you have to do is click on the 'tags' icon above your entry after it has been posted and you will find a list of available tags already set for you. You just have to pick out the ones that apply.

8. If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ Post. This is also where you should comment if you are interested in affiliating with us.

9. Have fun!
Affiliates & Disclaimer

The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with any music you may collect here is your own responsiblity. kings_graphics does not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files nor does it claim responsibility for the actions of any of its members. Additionally, all Kings video and dialogue is the express property of NBC and it's parent companies and is subject to national copyright laws. kings_graphics does not claim responsibility for copyright violations on behalf of its members. What members post and/or download is their respective responsibilities.

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